ShipX: The AI Machine of Logistics

With a holistic approach to transportation management, Ship X combines technology and expertise to optimize logistics for shippers, carriers, and 3PLs. 


Grow Your Business with ShipX Your Partner in Transportation Management 

Ship X TMS helps Reduce operational cost of moving freight by over 50% for shippers and brokers and maximize the revenue per truck over 130% by reducing empty miles over 75% for carriers. 


Capacity AI is our AI-powered freight matching engine that helps you find the right carrier for the right price and provides end-to-end visibility of shipment movement. With Capacity AI, you can optimize the cost of freight by matching verified and reliable carriers with your freight. Our direct ELD integrations ensure greater visibility of your shipment at any moment. 


Ship AI is a comprehensive platform that simplifies transportation management for brokers. With a single interface, brokers can easily manage their entire workflow, from carrier capacity and shipment execution to CRM, marketing, helpdesk, and vendor payments. Our AI-powered system guarantees verified and compliant capacity to move more freight, while also automating manual tasks to improve efficiency and reduce workload. 


Load AI by Ship X TMS helps carriers find the best load for their truck at the best possible price, ensuring maximum utilization of assets. Our software matches available equipment with the right set of loads to eliminate deadhead miles, saving time and money. With flexible scheduling and pre-scheduled trips, drivers can balance work and family life. 


Quote, Book and Track 


Ship X has thousands of verified carriers available with lanes and rates data. Shippers can quote, book and track shipments in real time. Carrier can bid on freight and book on the go. Our AI powered freight matching engine takes care of the best carrier at the best price. The shippers and carrier both have self-serve portal to move the freight thus reducing the workload of the freight broker.  


Achieve your Sustainable Business Goals with ShipX

With our AI powered TMS, we match the right load with the right carrier at the right price for both shippers and carriers which ensure optimized rate for load movement. With billions of freight available, carriers get ample opportunities to book freight and reduce deadhead miles. Both shippers and brokers get verified and reliable carrier capacity with over 400K carriers’ availability. Carrier can book the loads a month in advance which gives them flexible schedule and family time. 

Our software is packed with features that cover all aspects of transportation management, from carrier selection and load planning to track and analytics, all for FREE to start with! 


What ShipX TMS can do for your Business


Seamless solutions designed by Logistics Experts themselves 

At Ship X, We are a team of logistics experts with years of experience in logistics and supply chain. we are dedicated to providing innovative transportation management solution for the logistics industry. We understand the unique needs of the logistics industry and our TMS is specially tailored by logistics experts themselves to meet those needs.  


We Keep you Ahead

Our feature-rich transportation management software is designed to reduce the overall administrative load including improving the sustainability of your business.


See What Our Customers Say!

Before joining Ship X TMS, we were investing a lot of resources including time and money on carrier negotiations and planning a load. Shine Logitech has been providing us with a platform where it’s all done in just a few clicks and we’ve been able to lower the overall shipping costs by 30%. 

Mandy Allen


The tracking and visibility features of ShipX TMS have been a game-changer for our business. Our customers are much happier with the accurate delivery information, and we’ve been able to resolve issues faster.

Matthew Johnson


The back-end support team at ShipX has always been there for us whenever we needed them. 24*7 availability of experts gives them an edge over other IT companies specifically working for the supply chain and logistics industry.

Elena Weber

Founder, CEO


We are here to revolutionize your logistics world with our Custom Solutions

At ShipX, we understand that every business has unique logistics needs. That’s why we offer custom solutions to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Whether you need a specialized transportation management system or a tailored logistics solution, our team of experts will work with you to design and develop a solution that fits your business perfectly. 


Ready To Try ShipX TMS?

By collaborating innovation with transportation and supply chain functions, ShipX focuses to automate all the logistics processes with ShipX TMS.